Teh Home


This is just a place to upload my stuff, especially the contents of my emulation folder which conatins about 757GB of stuff which are mostly iso files I have collected from various sources over the past few years. There are also hard disks with MS-DOS that has CD-ROM support, Windows 95 and some other OSes installed in the collection too. I still need to sort some files out to put them in the right folders. The "other jargon" conatins random items such as manuals and other stuff that doesn't belong in the collectiom.

But who am I? Online I am known as Sinclair-Speccy, a combonation of the ZX Spectrum and the supposed OS-tan human name for the ZX Spectrum. I have rather too many social accounts which can be found here. But if we drift away from the internet my name is Tasha and my last name, country and other personal information aren't important to post here. I have a penchant for vintage technology like mainframes (IBM 704, CDC 6500, Whirlwind I, etc) and microcomputers (Mark-8, Altair 8800, MK14, etc). I like vaporwave, synthwave, phonk, experimental music and the arists to go along with these music tastes are Frums, Carpenter Brut, Windows96 and KSLV Noh. I enjoy spicy chips and noodles too lol. For now, the links don't really redirect anywhere as this just a test to see if it works